The Modules
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This proprietary mobile and web technology platform natively includes a wide range of marketplace modules including:

Flexible, ready-made referral module

Users are encouraged to introduce others to the platform and receive a percentage-based commission for every profit dollar GRABiD generates from their referrals – making it easier and quicker to recruit new users to the marketplace.

Flexible, ready-made loyalty module

Users receives loyalty cash back dollars for using the platform. This ensures they get rewarded for their loyalty and encourages them to come back.

Full admin control

A sophisticated management backend designed as a data lake with an overarching BI layer allows you to manage users, track transactions, track referral and loyalty, update pages, set rules and costings, manage tickets, view reports and track data trends.

In-system e-wallet

Users have their own e-wallet connected to a secure, PCI-compliant payment processor to handle all outgoing and incoming transactions. Their e-wallet shows earning from referral and loyalty, as well as money paid and earned through deliveries.

Support of multiple PCI-compliant payment processors

GRABiD is fully integrated with https://pinpayments.com/ – an internationally recognised, secure PCI-compliant processor enabling easier, secure and reliable online payments.

Social logins

GRABiD supports traditional email / mobile number / username PLUS password registration and login as well as registration and login via Facebook and Google Mail.