Frequently Asked Questions

    • GRABiD Chauffeur is an online on-demand marketplace for the chauffeur (hire car) market that allows its users to offer transfers to others (as Dispatchers) as well as bid on transfers offered by others.

    • Yes GRABiD Chauffeur is 100% free to join as both a Driver and Dispatcher. You can download the free app from the Apple store or the Google Playstore and register for free today.

    • Drivers and Dispatchers can choose to use the website ( or the iOS or Android app to create a transfer and accept one. Once a Driver is out on the road the app is a more convenient way to confirm transfer pick-up and drop-off - although this can all be done on the website too.

    • An offload transfer is when a driver offloads the transfer to another driver when all payment for the transfer happens within the system.

      A collect transfer is when the driver is paid directly by the passenger either in cash, credit card or cabcharge and the system then charges the driver’s credit card the 15% transaction fee for that transfer. The 15% transaction fee charge will happen when the driver confirms drop off. Each driver can nominate if he takes cash and / or credit cards and / or cab charges.

    • There are two main types of transfers – Auctions and Take Now.

      An Auction transfer means the Dispatcher sets the Maximum Opening Bid he is willing to pay for that transfer and Drivers enter bids equal to or below that opening bid. Once the Auction ends the Dispatcher chooses which Driver will be awarded the transfer based on a few factors including their bid offer and their Driver rating. In the case of the Auction the Dispatcher chooses who delivers the transfer not the price of it. An ASAP transfer cannot be offered as an auction.

      A Take Now transfer means a Dispatcher enters a fixed price for a transfer and a Driver that accepts that fixed price will be awarded that transfer. The Dispatcher chooses the price of the transfer not who delivers it.

    • A Driver creates his profile by entering information such as what vehicles he drives and where he is situated. When a transfer is created, the Dispatcher enters details that will be used to categorise or segment the transfer – ensuring only Drivers who match that profile are notified of the transfer.

    • Each GRABiD Chauffeur user has his own unique code to invite friends and colleagues to use the app. Once a user signs up using your unique referral code, you will be rewarded with Cashback bonuses for as long as the user you referred participates in GRABiD. Please note that you are expected to participate actively in GRABiD in order to be eligible for the Cashbacks. These Cashback bonuses can be found in your app Wallet and can be cashed out directly to your bank account or be used to pay for transfers you offer to others.

    • As a Driver when a new transfer is created that suits their profile, the Driver will be notified that it is currently available on the app using in-app notifications. As a Dispatcher when a transfer is picked up or completed, they will be notified that the transfer status has changed using in-app notifications. So notifications must be turned on in the app.

    • When a Dispatcher creates a transfer, he enters all the item details including if there are any special requirements - eg: how many passengers as well when the transfer needs to be made. He then selects whether the transfer type is an “Auction” or a “Take now”. The Dispatcher can also choose if to offer the transfer to Favourites only, Favourites and then All Drivers or All Drivers.

      Once the transfer has been created, Drivers whose profile match that transfer will be notified that a new transfer matching their preferences and location has been added to the system. They will then be able to either bid if the transfer type is auction or choose to accept the Take now offer. Once the transfer has been awarded to a Driver the full transfer details including Dispatcher details are displayed to the Driver.

    • After the Driver had been awarded a transfer and it has been accepted, he will arrive at the pick-up location at the right time and confirm pick up of the transfer. The Dispatcher then gets notified that the transfer is in-transit and can then see the transfer route that the Driver is taking. When the Driver reaches his drop-off location, the Driver confirms drop off and the Dispatcher then gets notification that the transfer is complete. Both the Dispatcher and Driver can then rate their respective partners.