About Us

The GRABiD Chauffeur marketplace is a complete and versatile Transfer-matching service for the Hire Car market. Hire Car Drivers are able to offer Transfers to others (as Dispatchers) as well as bid on Transfers offered by others – increasing their earning capabilities and getting access to Transfers they wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

GRABiD Chauffeur is an all-in-one solution for Hire Car Drivers that offers fast, automated Transfer-matching based on location and vehicle type, turn-by-turn route planning and tracking, seamless billing and payment and automated invoicing and reconciling.

Benefits for Drivers include lower operating costs, higher revenues as well as an increase in visibility and transparency for all stakeholders. .

Large private fleets can downsize to meet their average requirements, secure in the knowledge that GRABiD Chauffeur can readily locate excess capacity when needed to meet peak demand. Private fleets can sell their

GRABiD is a transparent online marketplace that enables drivers to generate new business by bidding on transfers and connecting with dispatchers in order to get jobs more efficiently. GRABiD offers users a sophisticated 'back of office’ management tool.

How it works

You are a Dispatcher

No matter what Transfer, GRABiD Chauffeur will connect you with a Driver that wants to take it - at an affordable price.

Dispatchers can:

  • Find qualified Drivers available to take Transfers at competitive pricing.
  • Easily create a Transfer on the app or website.
  • Choose an "Auction" or "Take Now" or "Collect" option.
  • Set your maximum price.
  • Check the rating and profile of the Drivers who will do the Transfer.
  • Prepay at booking - and pay the Drivers only on drop off confirmation.
  • Get instant updates as your Transfer progresses.
  • Track the Transfer enroute.
  • Enjoy full transparency and visibility.
  • Enjoy automated invoicing and reconciling.

You are a Driver

GRABiD Chauffeur is a transparent online marketplace that enables Drivers to generate new business by bidding on Transfers and connecting with Dispatchers in order to do Transfers more efficiently.

Drivers can:

  • Generate new business.
  • Search for qualified Transfers nearby.
  • Get alerts for Transfers that suit your profile and geo-location.
  • Enjoy paperless billing and account management.
  • Get rewarded with dollars for referring others.
  • Get cashback for every time your drive.
  • Get paid effortlessly within 48 hours.