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Who we are

GRABiD Technologies is an Australian technology company that has developed an innovative, on-demand marketplace technology.

GRABiD is a B2B rapid marketplace builder platform that can be applied to multiple market verticals. The peer to peer platform enables operators to rapidly deploy a mobile and web-based marketplace within 60 days. From analytics to secure payment processing, the GRABiD technology is an all-in-one platform to accelerate business growth.

Why choose us

Our team will translate your vision and specific business requirements into a fully-functional, innovative online marketplace offering:

  • Quick time to market
  • Enterprise grade solution
  • High quality code
  • Feature-rich solution
  • Unlimited scaling on demand

About Founders

Richard Anderson

Moti Mimeran

Co-founder, CEO
happy lady

Samantha Mimeran

Co-founder, VP Tech

Among our clients


Benefits Of Working With Us

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